Rental Information

PLEASE NOTE: The Wyndham Swim & Racquet Club is currently closed until further notice, due to COVID-19. On-site staff can continue to be reached via phone at 804-360-7945 and email at programs@wyndhamfoundation.com or twhall@wyndhamfoundation.com during regular office hours, Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.To reserve a date to rent the WSRC, please contact the Wyndham Program Director at 360-7945.A rental of the clubhouse for a private party or event involves the following:
– Fees:
       * Residents: $250 rental fee PLUS a $250 security deposit 
       * Non-Residents: $350 rental fee PLUS a $250 security deposit
– Rental of the building from 12 noon to 12 midnight
– Use of all tables and chairs
     * 6 wooden square tables
     * 24 padded chairs
     * 6-8 6′ folding tables
     * 30-40 folding chairs
     * 10′ board room table
             (Number of tables and chairs is subject to change)
– Use of full kitchen
Additional Rentals:
– Rental of Audio Visual Equipment for additional $50, PLUS an additional $250 deposit
                (A/V Equipment includes LCD Projector, Screen, and Speakers)