Mission Statement and Goals

The Wyndham Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of life of residents and preserving and enhancing property values within the community.

Goal No. 1 – Strengthen homeowner and resident satisfaction.

Goal No. 2 – Uphold and enforce the Covenants and high architectural standards in a proactive manner by soliciting the active participation of owners in its efforts to maintain and enhance the value of property and quality of life.

Goal No. 3 – Seek opportunities to maintain the high visibility of our community in the competitive marketplace.

Goal No. 4 – Continue active communication with residents and owners through such channels as the Wyndham Wire newsletter, web-site, social media and through the efforts of neighborhood representatives.

Goal No. 5 – Continue to maintain the high quality of existing community amenities and an active program of community functions and activity that create a positive sense of community.