Contact Information

Address:        6401 Old Wyndham Drive

                        Glen Allen, Virginia 23059

Phone:           (804) 360-7945

Wyndham Foundation Management

Community Manager: TBD
Phone: (804) 360-7945 
Location: WSRC
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
Email: manager@wyndhamfoundation.com
Manages daily operation of the Wyndham facilities.  Responsible for general maintenance of the Wyndham community and common areas.  Works closely with landscape and grounds maintenance contractors in relation to common areas, parks, and neighborhood entrances.  Chairs Modifications, Beautification and Grounds, and Neighborhood Watch committees. Conducts routine homeowner inspections for compliance and resales.  Assists with homeowner inquiries, concerns, and issues relating to the Foundation.

Assistant Community Manager: TBD
Phone: (804) 360-7945 
Location: WSRC
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
Email: assistantmanager@wyndhamfoundation.com
Works with the Community Manager and Business Manager directly and serves as the staff liaison for the Pool, Tennis, Pickleball, Recreation, Welcome, and Communication committees to develop an annual plan for and coordinate all community activities and programs for Wyndham residents.  Publishes and distributes monthly newsletter,  coordinates newsletter advertising, administers clubhouse rentals, and maintains annual event calendar and Wyndham website.

Business Manager: Kim Holmstrom, CPM, PCAM, MS 
Phone: (804) 270-1800
Location: Community Group
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
Email: kholmstrom@communitygroup.com
Administers the Wyndham Foundation, ensures compliance with recorded documents, and Board of Directors. Responsible for all personnel and overall Foundation management.